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Pega 7.3 Version features

Pega 7.3, envelope in the areas of AI-powered customer engagement, cloud choice, and agile development. We discuss more briefly on each product below

Microsoft Azure
Pega extends cloud choice by adding support for Microsoft Azure. Through collaboration with Microsoft, Pega 7.3 is continuously validated and supported in the Azure cloud environment and backed by Pega’s Global Customer Service team.

Pega 7.3 release date June 30th 2017 Look out the previous versions release dates of Pega tool

Enterprise agility

Real-time Agile
Pega 7.3 continues to make powerful Agile application development through augmentation that create stronger ties between business and development. Key features include:
  • Integrate Agile Workbench with enterprise project management systems, like Pega’s own project management solution Pega Agile Studio (formerly Pega Project Management Framework). Components to sustain integration with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally ALM) and Atlassian JIRA are accessible from Pega Exchange.
  • Make user stories, bugs, and feedback items directly inside an application with the new Agile Workbench, attaching videos and screen captures to provide enhanced context.
  • Accelerate the implementation of Pega’s applications with application guides, which can provide checklists for application configuration, setup, and usage.

Cloud choice – Expanded options

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
Pega’s partnership with PCF expands customer alternative for Pega deployments on the Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service infrastructure.

pega 7.3 Cloud choice – Expanded options - PCF

  • Set up the Pega Platform Service Broker on any private cloud running PCF by using the Ops Manager tool or BOSH and the Cloud Foundry command-line interface.
  • Directly connect to Pega databases from PCF.
  • Configure the number and size of web nodes and decision nodes to meet the load of a Pega cluster, regardless of size.

AI-powered customer engagement

Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant
Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant ascendancy the power of Pega Platform to generate conversational user experiences in support of every Pega application across all channels, allowing organizations to deliver contextual and personalized service. What are Key features Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant and where we use Intelligent Virtual Assistant as shown below:
PEGA 7.3 AI-powered customer engagement

  • Channel components that support integration with Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Email, and Tropo SMS, plus an architecture that supports custom integrations. You can find various of the channel components on Pega Exchange.
  • A multichannel dashboard that displays all the ways users can interact with a Pega app and any enabled functionalities.
  • The ability to blend design time and run time, so you can configure chatbots (such as Facebook, Amazon Alexa, and Tropo SMS chatbots) while deploying updates in real time.
  • The functionality to add conversations to case types across a many of channels and maintain a conversational user experience throughout the entire case life cycle.

For Additional Features on pega 7.3 we will update soon please follow us.
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